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"All children are artists. The problem is to remain an artist once they are adults"  Picasso

Ateliers Créatifs Genève
Créativité Genève

Sarah horan


Born in Geneva 

Three things have always held my attention since I was a teenager. Self-expression, psychology and travel. At 16, my initiation to creativity began during my training in interior design at the School of Decorative Arts in Geneva.

While I took an interest in psychology through books, one of my dreams was to go off traveling… A few years later, I was able to make this dream come true. For 2 years, I wondered through Africa, New Zealand and Australia. It is in this last country that I learned yoga as well as making furniture with reclaimed wood.

Back in Geneva, I worked for 12 years in Human Resources in the organisation of courses and training. During this time, I followed a series of teachings related to therapy and personal development - the Grinberg method (body therapy method), NLP (study of success strategies) and life coaching (coaching of 'a person towards their goals).

Finally, by joining a volunteer group of interactive sharing, I discovered the pleasure of giving my first creative workshops. This led me to train as a facilitator in creative expression at Créavie.

Since then, I spend much of my time maintaining this flow through painting, writing, furniture making, DIY, gardening as well as attending creative workshops in various countries. So, I started what I call my world tour of creative workshops… Today, I want to share with you this joy of creating in the dynamics of a small group.

The workshops where I participated:

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