My story

I am swiss  and English born in Geneva. After passing my CFC as an interior designer, I took time to do odd jobs and travel. Following a 2-year trip to Africa, New Zealand and Australia where I discovered yoga and learned to make wooden furniture, I returned to Geneva to work with people with mental disabilities and at the same time, in organization  training in a private bank.

What I like is finding solutions. Whether it's in the creative ideas when I'm painting or making a piece of furniture or being in a creative workshop. Also, I like to guide a person to find solutions for himself, that's coaching. I love it and would like to do more. Due to health issues in recent years, I have focused on interiority and what meditation generates.

I took courses and training in therapeutic and personal development areas such as massage, reflexology, the Grinberg method (level 1), NLP, Coaching (certified ICI Geneva) and animation in creative expression. (1 year at Créavie). I was able to exercise the animation of creativity for 1 year in a Free and Creative Exchange Network (Callas).

Today, I want to share my knowledge in creative workshops, help in coaching sessions, provide emotion in the creation of a table, collaborate in the creation of a flyer ... with you and in all simplicity.